A singular design visionary of our time, Robert Lee Morris redefined the standards of fashion jewelry by creating wearable art in distinctive, sensuous, organic forms. His legacy of timeless, evocative pieces continues to inspire and bridge the worlds of fashion and art.

Robert began designing jewelry in his early 20’s, creating pieces that would
soon embody a distinct vision: hammered silver and brass cuffs, breastplates
and body armor in sculpted metal - all fusing tribal elements with bold, futuristic shapes. Robert’s work caught the eye of a respected Boston art gallery owner, who asked him to show at her Sculpture to Wear artist jewelry gallery inside the lobby of the Plaza Hotel.

Shortly after arriving in New York City in 1974, Robert’s name became synonymous with soft, sensual jewelry accentuated by bold elements. The Robert Lee Morris brand was propelled to new heights in 1976 when his gladiator bubble collar graced the cover of Vogue, and his work was subsequently featured in every issue for seven consecutive years.

Robert created the jewelry gallery Artwear in 1977, during which time he collaborated with the fashion industry’s foremost designers. He worked closely with ready-to-wear names such as; Geoffrey Beene, Michael Kors, Kansai Yamamoto, Karl
Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein, and most notably Donna Karan, with whom he created 36 collections. His work with Mr. Klein earned him a Coty Award in 1981.

The acknowledged leader of the art jewelry movement won two CFDA awards for his work in accessories design, in 1985 and 1994. In 2007 Robert took home the CFDA Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award and in the following year collaborated with Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen on jewelry for their Elizabeth and James collection.

Robert Lee Morris continues to define the essence of American jewelry design, imbuing intense creativity into his collections season after season. His work captures the culture and perspective of our time, transcending him from designer to artist at its purest form.


Sacred Geometry in Motion.

Sacred Geometry in Motion.


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